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birds, letterpress printing, linoleum-block printing, artists' books


1 volume. "The Acclimatization Society is a new limited edition pamphlet about birds that are local to New York City, their adaptations, and survival tactics. Focused on select native and invasive species in their urban habitats: the rock pigeon, red-tailed hawk, sparrows, and European starlings, the text also explores speciation--the process by which species adapt to circumstances, develop genetic mutations, and in time, evolve into new species. The title of the pamphlet references the voluntary associations in the 19th and 20th centuries that encouraged the introduction of non-native species into locations worldwide." Title from cover. "In conjunction with Avifuana: Birds & Habitat on view at Wave Hill, April 7-June 24, 2018"--Colophon. Letterpress and linoleum (linocut) block prints on paper (24 x 55 cm) folded accordion style and sewn into printed cardstock cover with pamphlet stitch. "Brain Washing From Phone Towers is a series of informative and entertaining Informational Pamphlets produced by hand on a seasonal basis. These small-scale publications combine text (handset in metal type) and image (carved in wood or linoleum) produced via obsolete technology in editioned works which are distributed at will to a chosen audience. The content of the series aims for historical interest, commemorative intent and a healthy dose of humor, and the distribution methods are based on the values of the gift economy."--Provided by artist.

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New York City : Brain Washing from Phone Towers, 2018.


©Nicholls, Sarah, New York, NY: Brain Washing from Phone Towers, 2018.

Materials / Techniques

pamphlets; letterpress printing; linoleum-block printing; linocuts (prints); folded books; paper


24 cm

The Acclimatization Society



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