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Seoul Korea, South Korea, artists' books


1 folded sheet. "Text/ photographs/ concept/ design, Jeannie Meejin Yoon" Accordion fold, printed both sides of single sheet. Artists' statement: like my experience of the city, this detour/map is not linear. it has been laid out on the front and back of a 60 cm x 60 cm flat surface. A 12 cm by 12 cm module was inscribed to create a 25 square grid on both sides. the surface was in turn cut along the module line, beginning on the bottom right hand corner and spiralling inward the center module. the manipulate surface was then folded in on itself in such a way as to connect the center-front module to the corner-back module -- an obtuse way of arriving at a moebius strip. when completely unfolded, it has no beginning and no end, no front and no back, no inside and no outside. This was my experience of Seoul. Hybrid cartographie, about three building projects in the modern city of Seoul, Korea is a maze book-- made up of complex folds as in an accordion book but twisting and moving in multiple directions as it is unfolded. When completely unfolded the book's pages formthe shape of a mobius strip. Directions for unfolding the book are found on each page in the form of arrows and instructions, but the reader is warned at the beginning that the book is both a map and a detour. Includes bibliographical references.

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Seoul, Korea : J.M. Yoon : Printed by Pandacom Press, c1998.


©Yoon, Meejin Jeannie. Seoul, Korea: Pandacom Press, 1998.

Materials / Techniques

folded books; paper


60 x 60 cm folded to 12 x 12 cm

Hybrid Cartographies: Seoul's Consuming Spaces



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