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quilts, poetry, artists' books; altered book; Stacked & Altered exhibition, summer 2022


Diamond shape bound book, 24 pages, mounted color illustrations. Limited edition of 120 copies signed by Claire Van Vliet, Mary Richardson, Audrey Holden and E.D. Levitt. "This edition was made using the Permalin text block of the 1993 edition by Chronicle Books.. The design was made with Ellen Dorn Levitt and Audrey Holden who did most of the assembly and made the boxes with Mary Richardson."--Colophon. Book bound in a diamond-shape with the left point blunted for the spine. Each page is a different combination of colors and geometric shapes resembling quilt blocks. Additional Japanese and handmade papers added to this edition. Issued in a drop-spine box (31 cm.) covered with quilt-type fabric. Curated title for Fleet Library Special Collections exhibition Stacked & Altered, summer 2022.

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Newark, Vt. : Janus Press, 2004.


©Kaufman, Margaret. Van Vliet, Claire. Levitt, Ellen Dorn. Holden, Audrey. Richardson, Mary. Newark, VT: Janus Press, 2004.

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29 cm

Aunt Sallie's Lament



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