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1 volume, 40 pages, 1 slipcase. In April 2014, the Buffalo Bills were sued by their cheerleading squad,the Buffalo Jills, for several labor law violations, some as basic as minimum wage rate of pay. In the ensuing law suit, a document titled "Buffalo Jills Glamour Etiquette Hygiene Rules" became public and was published online. The appalling and insulting document is reproduced here with an editorial by Stefanie Kalem and illustrations by Whitney Coffin Shaw. -- Publisher's website. "The Glamour Requirement was printed on Rives 8FK paper from Monotype 20th Century and hand-set Futura types. The images are printed from photopolymer plates. The covers are imitation football leather." Edition of 30.-- Colophon. In a slipcase. Text in printed in blue and red. Author's text in blue, etiquette text in red. Seven signatures sewn together with white thread. Bound with open spine. "Typographic and grammatical errors in the Jills Etiquette Guide have been faithfully preserved"--Publisher's note. Signed and numbered by artists.

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Oakland, CA : Prototype Press, [2015];"©2015."


©Kalem. Stefanie, Oakland, CA: Prototype Press, 2015.

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26 x 39 cm

The Glamour Requirement: the 2014 Buffalo Jills Etiquette Guide



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