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1 volume, forms a star-shaped structure when opened. Limited edition of 50 copies ; each numbered and signed by Julie Chen. Digitally printed on Mohawk Superfine and includes laser cut elements. Carousel structure: 5 spreads, each with 3 layers of overlapping concertina folds with sections cut out to create a 3-dimensional scene. When opened and covers are placed against each other, it forms a star-shaped structure, 11" in diameter. Tie closures. "Cat's Cradle translates thoughts about the nature of existence from idea to form by employing the book structure itself as a visual/physical model of concepts portrayed in the text. The book as object can be displayed in two distinct ways: circularly or linearly. This dual display feature contributes its own conceptual meaning to the book as a whole."--Flying Fish Press. "The idea for Cat's Cradle was generated using the Artist's Book Ideation Cards by Barbara Tetenbaum and Julie Chen. To inaugurate the publication of this card set, Barb and Julie invited a group of book artists to each make a book that was inspired by a drawing of the cards. The resulting books were shown at the Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley In February and March of 2013 as an exhibition entitled 'Ideation by Chance.' The cards drawn for Cat's Cradle included the following: Text: self-generated, Imagery: none, Paper: neutral, Color: least favorite, Technique: digital, Layout: across the fold, Structure: Innovative binding, Adjectives: mysterious, spiritual, encyclopedic, organic, lyrical."--Flying Fish Press.

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Berkeley, Calif. : Flying Fish Press, 2013.


©Chen, Julie. Berkeley, CA.: Flying Fish Press, 2013.

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21 cm

Cat's Cradle



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