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letterpress printing, plato, city planning in art, Le Corbusier (Swiss architect, painter, and theorist, 1887-1965, active in France), artists' books


1 box, 5 volumes, 9 concrete forms, 1 sheet of glass. "In The Radiant Republic, language from Plato and Le Corbusier has been combined to create a narrative in five parts. Each part is bound separately, and features a portion of an interlocking landscape with no fixed beginning or end. The project is housed in an elaborate enclosure featuring elements of wood, cement, and glass. Letterpress printed and completed in 2019."-Publisher website. Box constructed with finger jointed, pressed-wood with pale green cloth lid. Lid has image of three icosahedron forms. Box contains 5 pamphlet-stitched volumes wrapped together. Each volume consists of inked and uninked text impressions with a folded color print at center. Sheet of glass covers nine concrete geometric forms (3 icosahedrons, 3 cubes, and 3 pyramics).

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[Tuscaloosa, Alabama] : Big Jump Press, 2019.


©Bryant, Sarah, Tuscaloosa, AL: Big Jump Press, 2019.

Materials / Techniques

letterpress printing; paper


27 x 17 x 11 cm

The Radiant Republic



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