Department Head: Heather Rowe

At RISD Sculpture is about the growth of the individual as a conceptually strong creative practitioner able to express ideas three-dimensionally. Encouraged to experiment and push beyond obvious solutions, students learn to think holistically and critically — and to produce meaningful work through a fluent command of process and the informed use of materials.

Through a curriculum that builds on acquired skills, undergraduate and graduate students work together with every material imaginable – metal, wood, plastics, computer chips and more – to develop a deep understanding of historical and contemporary sculptural issues.

“Sculpture faculty encourage students to explore their individual sensibilities while learning the technical and conceptual skills they need to realize their work. Faculty guide this process by challenging and mentoring students within a rigorous context of making and thinking. Risk-taking is expected, as is hard work, ambition and a willingness to engage with the lively community of peers in the department. Our aim is to help students develop a sustainable studio practice as they enter the next stage of their lives as artists.”-Lisi Raskin, Department Head


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