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Manual, a journal about art and its making. Polychrome. "In art, especially, polychrome invites us to the dialogue that colors are always having amongst themselves. A history of polychrome could be a series of poems exchanged among colors. The exchange might exhibit something like perpetual newness, again and again revealing differently bent hues and movingly novel blends. It would be a short-line poetry, excruciatingly sensitive to tone. Its speakers would have no names, so it would confuse the psychology of human orientation. In this connection, a warning against rendering polychrome as a pure positive seems in order: the parties to this dialogue talk at cross-purposes, always on the brink of divorcing. Polychrome can offend and destroy. It conscripts discrete colors in order to sacrifice them. Does polychrome offend by mocking our own failure to connect? In any case, polychrome has an advanced idiom for dealing with conflict. It’s at home with uncertainty."
—Darby English, from the introduction to Issue 10: Polychrome.

Softcover, 80 pages. Published 2018 by the RISD Museum. Manual 10 (Polychrome) contributors include David Batchelor, Gina Borromeo, Nicole Buchanan, Catherine Cooper, Darby English, Mara L. Hermano, Elon Cook Lee, Josephine Lee, Evelyn Lincoln, Dominic Molon, Maureen C. O'Brien, RISD Museum 2017 Summer Teen Intensive Students, and Elizabeth A. Williams.

Publication Date

Spring 2018

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Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design


Providence, Rhode Island


RISD Museum; Manual; art journal


Art and Design


In this issue:

From the Files pries open the archive, Double Take looks at one object two different ways, Artist on Art offers a creative response by an invited artist, Object Lesson exposes the stories behind objects, Portfolio presents a series of objects on a theme, How To explores the making of an object.

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