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Jess Brown, aka the Lady J, is an entertainer, activist, artist, actor and general gal about town. Providence-based interdisciplinary artist Jess Brown, whose work merges design, civic engagement, identity, and spectacle. Brown creates “flexible environments that facilitate an inclusive space to explore, reflect, & discuss the challenges of social justice concerns in the US - including race politics, class, gender and overlays her own cultural commentary.” Brown discusses her 2020 collaborative VOTE mural with The Avenue Concept and her work with voter education and protest for human and civil rights. Working with Providence-based Haus of Glitter, Brown shares the research process for her 2019 interventional performance This is MY House at the RISD Museum of Art - a multi-sensorial encounter combining drumming, dance, and black representation in museum spaces. This series highlights the intersections of art, design, theory, social justice and research in interviewed conversations within the RISD community, its faculty and students.

Written | Directed | Filmed | Edited by Holly Gaboriault [MA Global Arts + Cultures '21] Original Music by Skylar Batz; Tony Kenner


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RISD Research Perspectives, video series, design, civic engagement, identity, performance, costume, social justice, voter rights, voting, race politics, class, gender


African American Studies | Art and Design | Dance | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Performance Studies | Social Justice

RISD Research Perspectives | Jess Brown