Department Head: Andrew Raftery

Printmaking at RISD supports the creative development of artists dedicated to visual exploration and expression using intaglio, lithography, screenprint, relief and related photo-processes. Both undergraduate and graduate majors explore a focused personal direction through the mastery of traditional and contemporary techniques, including digital and alternative print methods.

Printmaking majors work in Benson Hall, a well-equipped facility with state-of-the-art equipment and separate floors allocated to lithography, intaglio and screenprint studios. Students also have opportunities to explore book arts, letterpress and work with type.

"Printmaking generates a tremendous amount of visual inspiration and excitement when Medieval technical elements merge with experimental and contemporary applications. Mastery of tools, machines and new materials provide students with valuable skills and professional confidence, as do critiques with faculty, visiting artists and critics. The program emphasizes print history and the role of prints in today’s world, acknowledging that the prints we make transmit ideas about where we come from, who we are and what our future might be." Cornelia McSheehy, acting department head through WS 2018 .


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