Picture Collection

Picture Collection

Supervisor, Materials and Picture Collections: Alecia Underhill

The Picture Collection is an image resource for faculty, students and researchers which has been an important feature of the RISD educational experience since 1968. It contains almost 500,000 hardcopy images of people, places and things, as well as mounted prints of art, architecture and design. These images are culled from magazines, books, postcards and other ephemera, and they are gathered in folders with titles such as: Advertising, Arms & Armor, (etc) Costume, Dentistry, Drag Queens, Explosions, Ghost Towns, Hopper, Maps, Mesopotamia, Microscopy, Seeds & Seedpods, Textures, and many more. The collection is continually updated with new images, and all material circulates for a loan period of four weeks. If you plan on having your students use the Picture Collection you may schedule an orientation for your class by calling Alecia at (401)709-5938 or 709-5939. Search the Picture Collection Indexes.


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