Date of Award

Spring 6-4-2022

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Master of Architecture (MArch)




Architects primarily work at a digital desktop, alienated from the spatial byproducts of their collaborative work. Therefore, software is the most influential mediator between these immaterial laborers and projects. Despite architectural production methods evolving, much of the same pernicious labor relations have subsisted. Building Information Modeling has become synonymous with architectural work, yet presents a missed opportunity in addressing and re-imagining labor conditions and power relations between workers.

Today, architects are proposing improved labor structures utilizing cooperatives and unions. Alongside these endeavors, might we reimagine our digital tools as allies? Delivered as a visual essay that is both critical and speculative, the project traces working methods through allegorical representations, ultimately imagining improved working futures.


View exhibition online: Tyler Lovejoy, Immaterial Realities

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Architecture Commons



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