Date of Award

Spring 6-4-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Architecture (MArch)




This Baltimore-based project works to end mass incarceration in Black communities by reconstructing existing infrastructures in the criminal justice system that fail to address poverty, racism, and unequal access to resources through the untold stories of Black Baltimoreans prior to incarceration. In doing so, this thesis will strive to counter the lack of social and political justice around architecture as it pertains to black people by creating reparations in the form of resources for restorative justice and community before incarceration. Through exploring restorative justice through community-engaged design, the reformer Baltimore City Jail Complex will be used as both a site and starting point to healing the trauma of surrounding black neighborhoods to create a place that is for the people, by people. By placing the untold truths at the forefront of the process, the intention is to serve as a model for engaging the local stories and experiences of Black Baltimoreans to help develop programs of change within their community as a form of practice and justice. Not only will this process include the people of these neighborhoods in every step, but will rekindle a level of care, community, and restore the prominent culture that exists within the heart of Baltimore City.


View exhibition online: Danasha Kelly, Healing the Black Butterfly



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