Date of Award

Spring 6-4-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Graphic Design

First Advisor

Minkyoung Kim

Second Advisor

Kathleen Sleboda

Third Advisor

Clement Valla


Humanocentrism positions humans as the measure of all things; what we know as the ‘real’ or ‘true’ is perceived through this limited perspective. As a designer, I challenge the hierarchy, actively moving away from the notion that inanimate objects are subjugated matter.

In this body of work, I turn to actions of world-building to create immersive experiences where ‘objects’ become ‘subjects.’ They are rescaled and re-centered — called into prominence to become protagonists on the cultural and environmental stage. Through generating, collaging, and juxtaposing recycled facts, imagery and organic materials using digital filters, I insert absurdity as a breakpoint to equalize the imbalance. Performing in both real and digital spaces, what is often rendered passive and mundane becomes extraordinary, even kindred in the vast arena of human preoccupation.


View exhibition online: Yingxi Sabrina Ji, Re-order the order of things



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