Date of Award

Spring 6-4-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Shana Cinquemani


Divergences in art are symbolic of the complexities of life. When the trajectory of our lives change so does our work. This thesis project is a reflection of the art making process and how it is affected by the influence the arts has on our lives. Seeking artistic inspirations led me to Rhode Island where there is creativity in everything from the coffee shop atmosphere to the museums. This is a showcasing of my experience during my course of study at the Rhode Island School of Design’s Master of Arts in Art + Design Education program. Through photographic inquiry and creative art making I have collected a visual archive of my time rediscovering the complexities of artistry, the education process, art institutions, and many other art enriched experiences that can be connected to the influence art education has on our society. My learning process was also influenced by academic readings that have informed my understanding on becoming an educator in the arts and participating in better research practices as a graduate student. I feel confident in my position about the impact that art making has on our culture and the importance the education of those art practices has beyond our experiences in school and that is why it is important to include those learning experiences in our education. As an artist I believe that art education should follow us outside of the classroom. Teaching people how to utilize their skills creatively so they may succeed outside of the art classroom and allow their knowledge in art education to inform their lives makes for well informed art makers in our communities. In this thesis I will talk about art education's impact on my artistic process, how I use my education in art as a tool to communicate visually, how art education creates artists in our communities and how one can continue their education outside of school.

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Art Education Commons



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