Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture

First Advisor

Nick De Pace

Second Advisor

Robyn Reed


This thesis explored the idea of interdisciplinary study between film media and landscape architecture. Through the study of film theory in narrative and cinematography, and experimentation with multi-medium, in order to discover the contribution of media study and film theory in landscape architecture, and further explored a way to drive and reshape the perception and focus of humans’ experience in landscape, in order to develop a new typology of performative space with filmic experience.

The project was divided into 3 phases and 6 chapters. It started with the study of precedent cases in the field of film and landscape. Through the deep analysis and transformation of certain films, a specific methodology was developed for the next step. In phase 2, to take a walk in the real world and record the observation and experience with a video camera. Used the methodology to analyze and translate this footage from 3 aspects, viewshed, event, and focus. The outcome of these analyses was used for developing two different spatial installations as prototypes to convey the experience and understanding of landscape. Through the re-interpretation of the relationship between the cinematic equipment in the installation, filmic narrative and cinematography could be developed as a design strategy in order to enhance the experience and improve the readability of landscape. Finally, a pedestrian system on two bike paths in Providence (East Bay Bike Path & Blackstone River Bikeway) was redesigned, which encouraged people to connect the fragments in the city during the walk on this path, and interact with the environmental conditions, and build their own observation and understanding on the landscape.


View exhibition online: Zhihong Ke, Filmic Landscape: A Performative Space with Multi-medium



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