Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Industrial Design


Industrial Design

First Advisor

Soojung Ham

Second Advisor

Benjamin Jurgensen

Third Advisor

Hao Wu


From the old industrial age to the new information age, the accumulation of capital has led to the monopoly of the assets and technology of large enterprises, and the pressure of the middle class is increasing day by day.

At the same time, informatization has led to a substantial increase in the next round of energy and material needs, and therefore human needs for thinking, physical and emotional needs have also increased. Kitsch can meet the thinking and emotional needs of the public. Therefore, it has become the mainstream contemporary aesthetics.

Kitsch art & design are easier to be loved by the audience and can be spread easily. Kitsch makes life that is not good in reality seem good. The creators of kitsch subconsciously continue to use kitsch aesthetics in their works to cater to the public. The public will also be subconsciously attracted to the kitsch and consume kitsch. In the end, the kitsch has become a part of real life.

Ellie's thesis is intended to disassemble and refine the most basic element of kitsch—the fundamental reason why everyone is attracted to kitsch: colors, 3D graphics, proportions, scales, and local historical reasons. Combining this with the unique Chinese happiness in the Chinese market. The works analyze the essential reason why people continue to pursue kitsch—the feeling of continuous happiness comes from the happiness shared with others. And use it as new kitsch aesthetic to design. She wants to start a new type of kitsch market. Compared with the original kitsch, which provides short-lived and instant happiness to the public. She not only uses the universal visual aesthetics of kitsch to attract consumers but also brings everyone happiness that can be sustained - "Sustainable Kitsch".


View exhibition online: Jiaqi Liu, Kitsch Study - the Shared Happiness



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