Date of Award

Spring 6-6-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Digital Media

First Advisor

Adela Goldbard

Second Advisor

Mark Cetilia

Third Advisor

Joel Slayton


Silicon Valley is a place that grew out of the legends of the frontier. It has followed in the footsteps of Hollywood Westerns, counterculture frontiersmen, and cyberspace cowboys.

In Silicon Valley, the frontier has been a physical and a metaphorical landscape found between everything existing and everything new-- between ideas of the future shaping technology and technology shaping ideas of the future. This seemingly vast open landscape allows the well-meaning cowboy to use his unique position of privilege to spot and solve systemic technological and social issues.

As these Silicon Valley Cowboys enter the frontier in search of new unclaimed space, they end up wandering into the invisible recursive loops of the same particular future narrative and aesthetics.


View exhibition online: Emily Bright, Station X Æ



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