Date of Award

Spring 6-6-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Jewelry and Metalsmithing

First Advisor

Tracy Steepy

Second Advisor

Timothy Veske-McMahon

Third Advisor

Lauren Fensterstock


In today's world we can no longer separate our lives from technology. It is that fluidity between the human world and the technological world that my work explores. Technological development has brought us great convenience in communication. The existence of programs like Zoom allows people to work and socialize remotely. Instagram, Twitter and other social networks allow people to share their lives anytime and anywhere with a simple snap of a picture and push of a button. The emergence of mobile phones allows people to communicate at any time. Science and technology continue to develop and these developments provide many possibilities for people to communicate in the future. I am interested in using the possibility of future technology to inspire my work. My work is meant to bring forth questions: As to how will ever evolving technology better our daily lives in the future? What types of communication will exist when we have the technological means to bridge gaps? What new problems will arise due to these advances? At this moment, our awareness of how convenient technology is in our current lives is as strong as ever. It causes questions like:What will our future life be like with technology? How much can innovative technology change our lives? Can we communicate with creatures or objects other than humans? What other forms of communication tools will appear in the future? Will the emergence of new communication tools in the future lead to new problems? Through this series of questions, I explore and imagine of new ways of communication in our future world, to create and feel the unprecedented experience that future communication devices will bring to us.


View exhibition online: Haotian Yang, Futuristic Communication



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