Date of Award

Winter 12-15-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies

First Advisor

Nicole Merola

Second Advisor

Bryce DuBois


Conceptualizing the climate crisis as a system of broken relationships calls for a broader understanding of entangled ecological interrelationality. Developing deep and effective responses relies on a stamina for complexity grounded in a recognition and acknowledgement of the way ecological entanglements are revealed to us. Within this frame, practice may provide unique opportunity for the development and promotion of this attuned awareness. To explore this possibility, the personal practice of sensuous knitting is used in this thesis as a way to demonstrate the intersections between intellectual modes of understanding and embodied forms of knowing. Using elements of autoethnographic narration of a making experience, sensuous knitting is framed as making practice that generates solidarity with our ecological relations by strengthening our capacity for awareness, attunement and delight. Sensuous knitting offers a rubric that can travel across practices as an intentional and embodied way to deepen our awareness of entanglement and interdependence through focused attention.



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