Date of Award

Spring 5-30-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Graphic Design

First Advisor

Bethany Johns

Second Advisor

Hammet Nurosi

Third Advisor

Nora Khan


The perspectives that I present throughout My Millennial Asian Fetishized American Fantasy are South Korean-centric, biased, absurd, skewed, unfair, and real.

Instead of being nostalgic, the contents introduce questions—ones that persist as I examine my design practice. They open a process of dialogue with the present, while provoking a consideration of the future:

1) If I am a product of capitalism and globalization, how might I better interrogate and define my cultural DNA?

2) What is my approach to the evolving conception of graphic design under new (technological, ethical, ontological) conditions?

3) What interests and concerns truly engage me, such that I can continue to pursue them willingly and freely in my post-graduate practice?

To tackle these questions, I look at the systems and models of authority that influence me. I analyze my generational perspective, my obsession with logos, and my ambition to crossbreed unrelated concepts and images. What emerges is the anxiety of a Millenial-Asian encountering an illusion of utopia. This book catalogues memories, conversations, research, and viewpoints. Accompanying my research and project documentation, I share some personal anecdotes that both reflect my cultural background and interests, serving as a foundation for the included works.

Seyong Ahn May 2020, Providence, Rhode Island, USA



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