Date of Award

Spring 5-30-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Taylor Baldwin

Second Advisor

Lane Myer

Third Advisor

David Borgonjon


This pack of cards is a provisional collection of encyclopedic thoughts and knowledge selectively hoarded for the artist’s comprehension of the world. These cumulative writings, packaged in a distributive form for intellectual play, cover the artist’s past workings, current studies and dormant plans, amassed in the responsible attitude of selection as well as in the irresponsible method of organization. The content of this 144-card deck is basically oriented to the oscillating status of a self seeking the ‘Grasping Totality’ as a human desire and of the ‘Improbability of Reach’ as a human limitation, whether true or false, proven or unproven, objective or subjective and absolute or relative.

How can I get the universe? Reflecting on the capacity, capability and threshold value of oneself, it’s an unreachable destiny and impossible dream. There’s no privilege granted for a vulnerable self to possess and take charge of every component of qualities and relations. Every encounter with the universe points to the acknowledgement of physical limitations which could be a dimensional difference or a quantitative gap between a singular ego and the world as the entity. The circumference of the world designated by the author is even judged and framed by my experiences, inertia and values accumulated from the beginning of my race, due to the fact that I’m not able to be the witnessing third person in my territory, but a protagonist. This study is oriented to trace experiments of the will to encompass the scattered knowledge and human lessons within the girth of my brain and an attempt to bring the distributions into one universality. The hallucinational ownership of totality in my working practices commits the reduction of qualities and relations into representative objects as compressed versions, and the activation of allegories to play with each meaning, position and physicality of the substituted objects. Thus, my work is formed as installations of collective components, as singularly structured assemblages or as experimental processes of struggles to measure the gap between certainty and uncertainty of the world.

Included in

Sculpture Commons



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