Date of Award

Spring 5-30-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Master in Interior Architecture


Interior Architecture

First Advisor

Francesca Liuni

Second Advisor

Liliane Wong

Third Advisor

Markus Berger


What is the interaction material culture and the monetary value of museum objects through by highlighting the opposite sides of exhibited objects’ value and design commodities’ commercial value, an exhibition aims to question and confuse the traditional understanding and distinction between museum objects and design commercial objects. Corporate museums serve as the reference for this discussion because they represent a hybrid of a traditional museum whose exhibited objects are also commercial products collected for their material worth. The exhibition space mixes traditional museum objects with retail design merchandise in order to encourage visitors to discuss the meaning of material value, while they question whether they are in a traditional exhibition or in a retail design store.

All the objects in this exhibit are love tokens. From a curatorial perspective, finalizing museum collections of pair love tokens and romantic pair merchandise catalogues. The collection contains museum objects (not for sale, represented as E) to match with commercial products (for sale, represented as M) which will be coupled and displayed together in the exhibition space. There is a clear relationship drawn between each museum love token and an accompanying commercial product.

The site is the TWA terminal by Eero Saarinen at JFK Airport in New York City. It is re-programmed as a hotel associated with JetBlue Airline. The new display and floor lighting system tries to respect the original interior structure. In order to interpret the architecture more, the new design highlights the existing structure for the visitors as a leading guide. Separation between loved ones happens often at airports, making this the perfect setting. Visitors have the ability to purchase some memorable objects in order to share and maintain the relationship during separation. Audiences would experience the circulation by the lighting system on the floor, which highlighting the interior structure and the exhibits. The showcases are combining with the ground lighting system, and they are design in red, which can directly catch audiences’ attentions. In the end of the circulation, the strongness of commercial atmosphere would come up.



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