Date of Award

Spring 5-30-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Graphic Design

First Advisor

Hammett Nurosi

Second Advisor

John Caserta

Third Advisor

Douglass Scott


Greetings. Welcome to Standards, Rules, Setting. This short preamble serves as a user guide to the material that follows. It is, essentially, a set of standards that govern the organization and progression of the various items in this publication.

Everything in this book has been conceived and constructed in line with the Graphic Design Thesis Book Protocol. As my body of work deals with the communication of messages and the manipulation of their governing conventions and norms, this publication — as well — has been organized along similar principles.

There are five types of components in this thesis book: sections, essays, lists, projects and interviews. Each specific type of component is coded with a different color. Sections (along with their associated section opener explanations) are colored yellow, essays red, lists green, projects black, and interviews blue.

Each component, in turn, is given a number as its official title. For example, there are six essays in this book, titled Essay 01 through Essay 06. The other items are titled similarly. Every component also has a subtitle that explains (in one word or several) its particular content or function. These subtitles are set in outlined type.

In a typical book, the title would exist on its own without a category and a number, and this system would be accepted without any further explanation. But, by adhering to this system, I want to move beyond the typical methods and protocols of book organization and wayfinding, and witness the results of an expected organizational structure being turned on its head and reduced to its key fundamentals.



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