Date of Award

Spring 6-2-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Architecture (MArch)



First Advisor

Hansy Better

Second Advisor

Kyna Leski

Third Advisor

Chris Bardt


It started with reading water,

I analog the water movement with water painting.(wet stripes on tracing paper) The wet strips attached on the tracing paper grow longer and shorter, Because of this surface tension, the surface creates certain wrinkle patterns(Wrinkle_from PIE root *wer” to turn, bend.”), which I call ‘breathing surface’ for its sense of life. It expresses the strength, durability, and continuity of water.

As I zoomed into the surface tension phenomenon, I started to think about a type of architectural experience which is a gradual change rather than dramatic. Through floor to floor, wall to wall, beginning to the end. The elements constantly change their angle and width,---(they merge or embed one another) and things get more ambiguous as the body travels through space.

Cone&Cylinder, as 2 basic developable surface geometry, can be unfolded without distortion. conversely, it is a surface which can be made by transforming a plane(folding, bending, rolling, cutting and gluing).They provide a wide range of possibilities for spatial continuity.

The thesis will continue to focus on the study of breathing surface through reading water along with geometry study of developable surface, to transfer the geometrical information into spatial continuity and other architectural conditions.


explore how the surface reacts to the material’s behavior.

-> find order of geometry & developable surface caused by the surface tension phenomenon

-> transfer this information into architectural experience through spatial continuity.



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