Date of Award

Spring 5-30-2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Andrew Raftery

Second Advisor

Alyson Ogasian

Third Advisor

Jonathan Weinberg


Since 2014, my work has navigated question of surface and through this search in order to redefined conventional understandings of space. Often times, my imagery draws on architectural infrastructure (such as construction sites and scaffolding), exposing the underlying structural framework within these landscapes. Through the recent installation, I establish a correlation between the bone/skeleton of the location to expose a more raw and unseen space, which is present but never fully revealed.

In Google Earth, the camera eye traverses different surfaces from the urban streetscape to the underground to the cosmos. Within this virtual landscape, glitches exist that are virtual examples of this unseen space. What is usually an invisible representation of place now becomes a dazzling and speculative puzzle that extends our perception of reality. My most recent work is a video installation that uses traditional and digital media to place the viewer within a projection of an unseen hypothetical space, existing between two and three dimensions.

This virtual navigation seems more real to me, causing my understanding of place to move away from its physicality. Due to the appearances of glitches in the Google Earth system, I am able to discover temporal failures and errors that are reflected within the process of mechanical reproduction, and I am fascinated with this new aesthetic. I have become more curious about the randomness and repetition in this complex territory, as is illustrated by the glitch. This can be as a characteristic of the digital system of reproduction, but I use it as a lens for looking into our virtual and real worlds.

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