Date of Award

Spring 5-30-2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Industrial Design


Industrial Design

First Advisor

Khipra Nichols

Second Advisor

Michael Lye

Third Advisor

William Idell


All of us strive to eat breakfast daily, and a lot of us fail. 10% of all Americans skip breakfast daily, and the number increases sharply to 23% for the people in 18-34 age group. Something changes distinctly when people turn 18. This age group includes students who transitioned from their home to college. This shift severely affects eating habits. At home, our parents look after us and make sure that we get the optimum nutrition as we grow. But life isn’t so smooth in college. We realize the importance of our parents who used to worry about our health and never failed to feed us on time. Almost all students who live independently in a different city face this problem at some point and struggle to maintain a good morning diet.

Food is something we consume everyday out of necessity. The cultures around food are different all over the world. But no matter where, it is always good to eat food and even better to share. Food is an important factor in our social lives and through it we are able to build, grow and strengthen social bonds. This project looks at designing a system to help young adults adopt the habit of eating breakfast through community food sharing. The system opens a social platform that lets you connect with your friends, exchange homemade breakfast or other meals and share your exchange stories. The design process followed in this project includes extensive research experiments with user groups to identify the problem areas. The design solution aims at solving this food problem together and helping each other lead a healthy life.



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