Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Industrial Design


Industrial Design

First Advisor

Paolo Cardini

Second Advisor

Brian Jablonski

Third Advisor

Seter Wu


Jugaatronics is a body of work that aims to address the current e-waste issues by designing consumer electronics that are repurposable, creating new electronics and objects. This project is born from the cultural practice of 'Jugaad' - the practice of repurposing everyday objects to extend their usability, a form of frugal innovation deeply embedded in my upbringing in India.

Most electronic devices are often discarded at the first sign of malfunction—deemed unnecessary. My thesis highlights this throwaway culture by integrating the concept of Jugaad(repurpose) into the lifecycle of electronic products, demonstrated as a hairdryer.

By showcasing potential repurposing opportunities at every stage/level of product death, Jugaatronics showcases the potential each product contains beyond its intended function and form, through small yet mighty design changes for a more sustained yet compatible lifespan of a product.

This now creates compatibility with existing daily objects to create a community of people who can jugaad with ease in a system which benefits both the consumer and the earth. My thesis now encompasses an ecosystem containing an app, website and open-sourceable product compatibility system to highlight sustainability efforts along with user satisfaction.

In summary, "Jugaatronics" is more than a design project; it is a call to action for both designers and consumers to reconsider how electronics are consumed and disposed of. By leveraging the ‘Design for Repurpose’ strategy, this project aims to demonstrate that with jugaad thinking and innovative design, we can significantly reduce e-waste and move towards a more eco-conscious future.



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