Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Megan Foster

Second Advisor

Tyanna Buie


I'm just a little rat trying to survive,

To exist and not be perceived.

Building a home,

In a place unnatural to me.

Destroyed and rebuilt again,

I've learned to live in the toxic world you've created.

In a world that is not made for my belonging, I’ve had to find my way, to exist and build with what’s within reach. Such a constant state of construction feels oddly familiar and comfortable to me, home is always in the process of becoming. As I build, I think about how the home building process always takes up the space of others, it involves a disruption of an ecosystem, and the habitats of other beings. Taking only what goes unnoticed, I look out cautiously to make sure no one catches me in the act. I scurry away in the dark; the feeling of being and not quite belonging, but continue to silently take up space. My home is an ever-evolving concept and physical space. As it grows and expands, it falls apart and disintegrates, then grows again.

Sometimes I’m flat on the road. I am without definition, constantly changing, and unrecognizable. You might pass by and not see me, at least not fully, it’s too much to take in. It is jarring to face something that still has its body, especially in an unexpected encounter. Realizing what they are looking at, this ambiguity sometimes gives people the “ick.”



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