Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Graphic Design

First Advisor

Paul Soulellis

Second Advisor

Elizabeth Goodspeed

Third Advisor

Keira Alexandra


Here—there explores the nature and ways of gathering, proposing an alternative path to organizing a cultural center. Divided into three acts (Act One: There, Act Two: Here, and Act Three: Together), it touches on the topics of collective knowledge and the importance of its accessibility to the local communities. How do we organize communities in a way that operates as a body, and how do we use industrial spaces as a bridge between knowledge and those who carry the knowledge? Due to alienation in societies, the decentralization of creative communities, and the inaccessibility of real estate to younger generations, there is an urgency in a dialogue between those in power and those in need. In this book, I am attempting to visualize the alternative "Third spaces," serving as a middle ground between work and home while building a sense of belonging using Graphic Design as a tool. The body of work builds towards the inception of an event space by experimenting and transforming an industrial warehouse in West Providence, Rhode Island, as an invitation for communities to gather and activate the space. In this work, I will do this by organizing conceptual events and performances and inviting various artists.

What is the affordance of such projects as catalysts for change? This Thesis is a prototype of how societies can organize while occupying space and operating as one organism. A healthy community is a body that requires all its organs to function correctly, sustain a healthy culture, and examine how various creative fields can work together and serve as a shared knowledge base.



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