Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Architecture (MArch)



First Advisor

Malcolm Rio

Second Advisor

Pablo Castillo Luna

Third Advisor

Aaron Tobey


Abstract: A project that rethinks domesticity through the lens of mobility, focusing on curating and unfolding personal narratives within the confines of a suitcase. Domesticity, as I perceive it, transcends static locations and is a dynamic accumulation of individual and collective histories shaped by intimate connections between, but not limited to, human and non-humans. In this context, the suitcase symbolizes both confinement and autonomy, embodying the transient nature and fluidity of modern life. The project draws inspiration from the scrutiny of x-ray security checks, where individuals and their suitcases undergo examination. The suitcase becomes a focal point for exploring identity formation under transient environments and socially constructed confinements. By proposing a collection of mobile suitcases capable of transforming into a personalized domestic space, the suitcase is a potential yet unstable vessel that can invite contemplation on the smallest viable unit of personal autonomy within spatial constraints through the act of packing, unpacking, shaping, adorning, showcasing, etc. It prompts reflection on the smallest unit of spatial autonomy an individual can possess and the act of curating, decorating, and displaying within that confinement, the thesis aims to stimulate discussions around the notions of rootedness and permanence around domesticity, as well as the creation of spaces from a suitcase and the potential for expanding individual autonomy within such constraints.

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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