Date of Award

Summer 6-2-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Industrial Design


Industrial Design

First Advisor

Tom Weis, Hillel O'Leary

Second Advisor

Joy Ko

Third Advisor

Fletcher Bach


After COVID-19 hit, a new working method has appeared, the remote workers have an opportunity sitting at home attending zoom meetings and getting job done. While companies initially turned to remote work out of necessity, they soon realized that employees could remain productive while working from home. As the world began to reopen, many companies chose to continue with hybrid or fully remote working situations.

However, hybrid work has created challenges for maintaining a sense of collaboration and connection. Can this discomfort caused by telecommunication be solved by new tech involved? Designers are currently exploring various products and devices to help individuals recreate an office environment at home. While successful designs are emerging and helping companies restore productivity. But for soft work, those moments where people would run into a colleague on the way to the bathroom, and catch up about their weekend, or stop by someone’s desk to try out a new idea on them, these serendipitous encounters are lost, and the sense of connection and collaboration that they foster is more difficult to cultivate.

This book examines the psychological and industrial historical perspective on the benefits people derive from work. It utilizes user research and discussion sessions to explore the evolving needs of individuals in response to changing work styles. The book concludes by summarizing contemporary design efforts and experimental design attempts by designer herself in the field of telecommunications.



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