Date of Award

Summer 6-3-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master in Interior Architecture


Interior Architecture

First Advisor

Eduardo Benamor Duarte

Second Advisor

Dohyun Lee

Third Advisor

Youngjin Song


This thesis explores the concept of liminal space as a metaphor for the current transition to the digital era. We are not fully prepared for what the future holds. Fears and worries surrounding rapid development are amplified by the potential for social problems. However, by examining human development in history, we can gain insight into our current situation and start a discussion about where we are headed. The objective of this proposal is to create a space that eases concerns about the arrival of the new digital age. This is particularly relevant to Japan, which is now at a digital threshold. Despite ranking highly in fields such as microelectronics and computer hardware, Japan still uses outdated operating models, systems, and technologies. Such digital dysfunction indicates a palpable fear of the advent of digitization, as evidenced by the government’s use of fax machines to report infection numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study thesis seeks to investigate how the concept of liminal space can be applied to design a solution that addresses the anxieties associated with the digital age transition anxieties over transition to the digital age in Japan and beyond.




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