Date of Award

Spring 6-3-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Design (MDes) in Interior Studies / Exhibition + Narrative Environments


Interior Architecture

First Advisor

Barbara Stehle

Second Advisor

Marisa Brown

Third Advisor

Maggie Stern


The l question that I am trying to answer through this thesis is “How do we build safe spaces for free creative expression?” The project "Kala in my Moholla", which means "Art in my neighborhood," looks at art as a force and intends to create space for free creative expression by inserting a network of hyper-local, easy-to-build spaces for making, creating, and sharing that are designed to be accessible, participatory, and democratic. A modular design consists of basic forms and a catalog of materials that can be used for its construction. Designed to be malleable, transformable, and customizable, it can be adapted to the specific needs of the community. A co-designing game and zine are created as part of Kala in my Moholla's approach to imagine the designer as a facilitator. These tools would help the community with the opportunity to imagine possibilities, as well as the freedom to create the space they want. Each kala in moholla would look different and become a responsive and dynamic space for the community without the imposition of specific aesthetics or layout. With workshops, maker spaces, libraries, and experiments with multiple art mediums, these spaces are intended to foster creativity. Kala in my Moholla hopes to bring people together and empower them through art.



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