Date of Award

Spring 6-3-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Lisi Raskin

Second Advisor

Jeung-Hwa Park

Third Advisor

Amber Hawk Swanson


Princess Chives is the greatest contemporary ruler of Chiveism. Princess Chives brilliantly, comprehensively, and resourcefully promoted and developed Chivesism, taking it to a whole new level.

Princess Chives ideology is a powerful ideological weapon against everything, and it serves as the foundation for all of the work of the entire party, army, and country.

We must always raise the great flag of Princess Chives’ ideology, to fortify the minds of the people of the country with Princess Chives’ ideology, and adhere to the use of Princess Chives’ ideology in all work. To militarize the mind is the fundamental mission of our party’s political work. The masses of peasant workers, revolutionaries, and intellectuals must all thoroughly understand Princess Chives’ ideology. Everyone reads Princess Chives quotations, and strives to be Princess Chives’ most loyal warriors.



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