Date of Award

Spring 6-3-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Anna Gitelson-Khan

Second Advisor

Lisa Scull

Third Advisor

Anais Missakian


When I first arrived in New England, I was accustomed to thinking of winters as short but pleasant periods. For me, winter was a break from the strong and relentless sunlight of summer in Central India. But the contrast between my childhood winters and the same months in the Northeastern United States was dramatic. Statistically, Providence has an average of five hours of sunlight a day whereas Central India enjoys 9.5 hours during its coldest months. This pronounced change in light piqued my interest. I was struck by the various phenomena created by natural light during these cold months. Sunlight, in its ephemeral and ethereal nature, possesses a unique ability to activate stagnant spaces. It was this interaction of light with its environment that caught my interest. As a textile designer, I aimed to translate this visual quality and the resultant activation of space through the medium of textiles. I aimed to capture light’s translucency, ephemerality, luminosity and, most importantly, its movement through pattern, color and weave structure. While the ambient quality that light holds is intangible, I believe it can be interpreted through the tactile medium of textiles. Through researching different phenomena of natural light and interpreting the resulting illusions it creates, I aimed to translate the qualities of light onto a flat surface – in this case, woven fabric for an immersive experience in interior spaces.


View exhibition online: Harsha Kejriwal, Sanctuary



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