Date of Award

Spring 6-3-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Andrew Raftery

Second Advisor

Megan Foster

Third Advisor

Caroline Silverman


"One More Time, I Love You ——我有所念人,隔在远远乡" is a thesis project that delves into the profound nature of "obsession," which surpasses the boundaries of life and death, as well as the mortal world and the underworld. The interpretation of this type of obsession varies among individuals, and my understanding of it originates from the traditional Chinese myth concerning the afterlife journey. According to this myth, upon departing from the mortal realm, the deceased traverse the Bridge of Helplessness, cross the Forgotten River, peruse their past, present, and future lives on a Three Lives Stone, and then partake in the Soup of Oblivion. This soup cleanses all memories of their current life, leaving behind only an unblemished and pure consciousness ready for the next life.

Although the tangible and discernible elements have completely vanished, the intense nature of obsession can permeate the flesh and bones, disregarding the coexistence of yin and yang within this world. My fascination lies in this delicate, yet profoundly overpowering emotion that transcends the boundaries of life and death. This thesis serves as an introspective exploration of my emotions at a specific juncture in time. Through my artistic works, I attempt to express the ineffable obsessions that elude verbalization, encapsulating both my personal experiences and the resonant emotions they evoke. These works bear the invisible burdens I may not even be conscious of, eventually converging into a nuanced spectrum of blue, symbolizing my own version of the Soup of Oblivion and Three Lives Stone, embodying tangible connections within my uncertain future.


View exhibition online: Jingjing (Emerald) Yang, One More Time, I Love You



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