Date of Award

Spring 6-3-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture

First Advisor

Suzanne Mathew

Second Advisor

Nick De Pace

Third Advisor

Rebecca Nedostup


Moving In, Moving Up, Moving On explores the processes of Chinese culture and space in America of adaptation, assimilation, and preservation that underlie food changes. As Chinatowns across the US have evolved and residents have relocated, former centers of Chinese cultural identity have progressively transformed into restaurant districts with increasingly diverse populations and space gentrification.

The thesis argues that food is central to preserving cultural memory and reducing the generation divide. In the context of the Chinese diaspora transformation, culture has changed food in different spaces, and it gives people more choices to acquire and exchange information and values through food networks and daily food habits. From a single package, to public kitchens and community warehouses, to tell how the future Chinese food culture can reduce the generational divide and promote greater responsiveness in the exchange of culinary knowledge in a more ecological way.


View exhibition online: Jieqi Yao, Moving In, Moving Up, Moving On



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