Date of Award

Spring 5-26-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Digital Media

First Advisor

Mark Cetilia

Second Advisor

Leah Beeferman

Third Advisor

Fletcher Bach


Step 10 is an experiment on provoking empathy through

abstracted elements within my studio practice. I am

proposing to craft an emotional piece without leaning

on my identity. This written thesis consists of two parts:

narrative prose and an explanation of my studio practice.

While the installation is entirely devoid of cultural or

personal references, this text-based thesis is full of them

because it is intended to inform whoever is interested in

learning more about the motive behind this creation.

The questions I bought into the thought and creation

process are: Can a piece of art still successfully bring

out emotions in the viewer without involving the artist,

their identity, and their story? How can an artist balance

between forcing and allowing vulnerability in the viewers

through a piece of work? How much is too much intimacy?

The question I proposed in this thesis has yet to be

concluded, as they are highly subjective and theoretical.

Please contact me at if you have

any questions or would like to provide some feedback.


View exhibition online: Jinhong Cai, Step 10



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