VARIOUS BODY -- A Multi-Sensory Wearing Experience

Chongxiao Zhang

View exhibition online: Chongxiao Zhang, Various Bodies


In my thesis, I begin with the concept of the “mirror stage” and explore the question of why people need external reactions to understand themselves. While we are born with a body that we cannot choose, we do have the ability to change it using various methods that are available to us through advances in technology. This allows us to take control of our bodies and celebrate our individuality.

I have observed this phenomenon and have used my work to explore and reflect on it. By creating weara- ble devices in different shapes, I provide wearers with new possibilities for their body forms, allowing my work to serve as a symbol of identity. As I develop this “second skin” for the wearer, I consider the rela- tionship between my work, the audience, and the real-life context in which it is presented.

Light, sound, and movement are central concerns of my practice, allowing me to create immersive experi- ences for viewers. The wearer’s movements generate various sounds while the interlocking components of my design refract and reflect light in diverse ways. My goal is to create an experience where visual, audi- tory, and tactile stimuli work together to enhance and complement each other, providing viewers with an immersive multi-sensory experience.