Visiting Designer Aroussiak Gabrielian


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Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies welcomes Aroussiak Gabrielian, an environmental designer and bioartist working with living organisms, natural systems and atmospheric phenomena. Her work aims to torque our imaginaries to help us rethink our interactions with both human and non-human agents on this planet.

Aroussiak’s work has received numerous design recognitions including the Emerging Designer Awards from the Design Futures Initiative, the Tomorrowland Projects Foundation Award administered through the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Word Changing Ideas Awards recognized by Fast Company, and the Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome. She has exhibited internationally at various institutions, including SXSW, Ars Electronica, Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing, the Eli & Edith Broad Museum Art Lab, A+D Museum Los Angeles, Science Gallery Detroit, among others.

Aroussiak is Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture + Urbanism at the School of Architecture at USC, where she teaches design across ecologic and biologic scales. She is an Affiliate Faculty of Media Arts Practice at the School of Cinematic Arts and founding director of the Landscape Futures Lab - a design-research incubator focused on climate innovation and imagination. Outside of academia, Aroussiak is co-founder and Design Principal of foreground design agency, a critical design practice that aims to dismantle structures of power and privilege that render specific humans, species, and matter silent.

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Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies, NCSS, Liberal Arts Division, lecture, video, enviornmental design, bioartistry, living organisms, natural systems, atmospheric phenomena


Applied Ethics | Art and Design | Biodiversity | Biology | Biology and Biomimetic Materials | Biomaterials | Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering | Botany | Environmental Design | Feminist Philosophy | Landscape Architecture | Plant Sciences | Research Methods in Life Sciences

Visiting Designer Aroussiak Gabrielian