Given the present situation and problems of the research on contemporary China’s leisure culture and aesthetics, it is the highest priority of leisure studies to make leisure return to the nature of human self-creation and self-improvement; to learn to intelligently spend leisure time in the realm of aesthetics; to deeply examine and carry forward the national tradition and wisdom of Chinese leisure; and to establish a modern leisure culture and theory with Chinese characteristics and Chinese discourse.

Meanwhile, it is the highest priority of aesthetic research to transcend the tradition of discussing abstract concepts and focusing only on art; to enter the daily life of contemporary society and more actively meet the needs of social development; to make it more realistic and play its social and cultural role more effectively; and to transform aesthetics from the pure theory of audio-visual arts into the vivid learning of the unity of body and mind. In this sense, aesthetic research on contemporary leisure culture helps to improve the quality of contemporary life and is of important theoretical significance and practical value. So, it is necessary for contemporary Chinese aesthetics to include leisure and to guide the leisure culture. Consequently, leisure aesthetics should be an important and necessary part of contemporary Chinese aesthetics, and it is the inevitable requirement of history and reality to thoroughly and systematically construct Chinese leisure aesthetics.

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