Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Department Head: Johanna Barthmaier-Payne

Landscape architecture straddles the interface between the cultural and natural worlds, addressing design issues inherent in a range of typologies and scales, from specific sites to global systems. RISD’s program prepares students to thoughtfully examine the increasingly complex issues associated with these environments and to develop innovative design solutions.

Whether working in the field, the CAD Lab, the Model Shop or on their own laptops, students are challenged to think critically and develop self-reliant design processes. Studio work is complemented by the study of drawing, history, theory, ecology, cultural geography, plants and technology.

“Landscape architecture is a very broad discipline that can include everything from intensely personal artistic expressions to highly engineered technological interventions, with projects ranging from a single stone wall to a riverfront that goes on for miles. With that in mind, we promote a very pluralistic education here and encourage students to go beyond our studios and classrooms—to engage with what people are doing out in the world.” -Emily Vogler, former Department Head


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