Jewelry + Metalsmithing

Jewelry + Metalsmithing

Department Head: Tracy Steepy

Spanning the gamut from traditional goldsmithing to experimental processes and materials, Jewelry + Metalsmithing offers a tight-knit community of students and faculty fully engaged with the discipline. Critical analysis and an open exchange of ideas support each individual’s exploration of the relationship of jewelry to the body.

Undergraduate and graduate students bounce ideas off each other and work in close proximity as they hone technical skills and become adept at working with a wide range of metals and other materials.

“Given the rich history and legacy of RISD’s J+M program, we’re in a unique position to educate students at the intersection of art and design. We’re interested in cultivating a broad range of skills that allow practitioners to move fluidly across disciplines and position themselves anywhere in the field with the highest level of professionalism and individual artistic authorship.”-Tracy Steepy, former Department Head


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