Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Department Head: Charlie Cannon

Drawing on its historic contribution to responsible, human-centered design, Industrial Design (or ID) teaches students to use critical thinking and the design process itself to bring new value to companies, communities and citizens. Professors with expertise in a wide range of areas guide students in researching user experiences to create well-conceived and executed objects, products and systems that make everyday tasks easier.

In responding to assigned projects, ID majors work with a wide range of materials in the process of designing objects, products, systems and experiences. Students develop ideas by starting with sketches and drawings, and moving on to models and working prototypes.

"We prepare students to work across all means and modes of systematized production — from products and meaningful objects, to technologies and new tools, to strategic services. To enrich their research process and final designs, students are encouraged to both tinker and then prototype, test and validate their work in our shops and through the critique process."-Charles Cannon, former Department Head


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