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Spring 2014


Shawn Greenlee’s ACP fellowship project combined several goals and projected outcomes: 1) to research and develop the evolving computer programming curriculum in Foundation Studies, including precedent research and literature review, sharing perspectives and finding common ground among faculty, and developing an introductory unit on programming; 2) to initiate partnerships with other divisions toward integrating computer-programming instruction across the disciplines and years, leading to a curricular pathway that combines theory, history, and practice; 3) to coordinate with faculty on a proposed Coding Studio that would provide co-curricular support for courses involving programming; and 4) to seek future funding opportunities to continue this work. This report was written in summer 2014, and is part of a larger, ongoing effort among multiple faculty members. It should be read along with related ACP and 2050 reports (specified below) and the “Position Statement and Actionable Roadmap for Code Studio and an Undergraduate Concentration in Computation” (presented to the Provost’s Council in May 2015).