The Movement Lab Fellowship offers post-graduate artists and scholars the opportunity to focus on independent creative research that advances the study of movement into uncharted territory. The fellowship enables recipients to embark on projects involving animation, filmmaking, immersive arts, performance, game arts, dance, puppetry, robotics, kinetic sculpture and more.

The Movement Lab Fellowship brings research affiliates to RISD each year to explore movement from many vantage points and by using a wide range of methods and media. A research affiliate’s work may address such topics as:

  • the incorporation of gesture into social interaction.
  • the way people mimic gestures or adapt their breathing in the presence of others.
  • the effect of visualized movement on the bodies of people who are unable to move.
  • movement patterns in sign language.
  • the social generalization and adaptation of dance movement.

What fellowship recipients discover in the lab may make its way into many forms of animated work, from the representational and figurative to the most abstract forms of animation. Movement Lab research affiliates may use computing technology to augment how we see movement and interpret it both consciously and unconsciously—leading to a richer understanding of our senses and perceptions, and how we bring them to bear on myriad art forms.


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2023-24 Azadeh Ahmadi

2023-24 Maxime Cavajani

2023-24 Melisa Achoko Allela