Film / Animation / Video

Film / Animation / Video

Interim Department Head: Max Porter

In Film / Animation / Video students explore the art of the moving image, learning to master the tools needed to articulate a creative vision, whether using film, animation, installations, interactive media or a combination. FAV professors support the investigation of the technical, aesthetic and conceptual questions central to creating strong content with a unique voice. In the studio, FAV majors bounce ideas off each other while focusing on making documentary, experimental and narrative films or animated work using a wide range of techniques, from CGI to hand-drawn to stop-motion animation and more.

Film/Animation/Video alumni make their mark as creative professionals in a wide variety of ways. Working as entrepreneurs or through studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks or Harmonix, or for networks like Fox, HBO and PBS, they write, direct, produce, serve as animators, cinematographers, character designers, game designers, lighting specialists, sound artists and much more…

"Almost everyone now carries around a still camera, a video camera, a word processor and a voice device on their cell phones. But the availability of cheap technology doesn’t make us all filmmakers or novelists or newscasters. At RISD we develop the artist as a whole, knowing that our graduates need the flexibility to adapt to a changing world. And we teach students to look at everything closely and critically – because the future is a moving image and it’s up to them to decide what it will look like." - Dennis Hlynsky, Professor Emeritus and former Department Head


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