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After thoughtful consideration and refinement of the 2017 RISD Faculty Values Statement, the full-time faculty, several part-time faculty and RISD Museum curators voted in favor of its contents and have signed on as supporters. We intend that this statement will remain relevant beyond the current political moment and encourage its wider distribution—both at RISD and beyond.

Publication Date

Spring 6-1-2017


RISD Faculty; Values Statement


Art and Design | Art Education | Art Practice | Disability and Equity in Education | Educational Leadership


All names of full and part-time Faculty and Museum curators who signed in support of the completed 2017 RISD Faculty Values Statement are as follows:

Silvia Acosta
Paula Gaetano Adi
Jim Barnes
Hansy Better Barraza
Johanna Barthmaier-Payne
Jennifer Bissonnette
Sarah Ganz Blythe
Gina Borromeo
Alejandro Borsani
Robert Brinkerhoff
Marc Calhoun
Bolaji Campbell
Charlie Cannon
John Caserta
Deborah Clemens
Susan Vander Closter
Claudia Covert
Peter S. Dean
Lee Dejasu
Paola Demattè
Dustin DiTommaso
Fritz Drury
Eduardo Benamor Duarte
Angela Dufresne
John Dunnigan
Barbara Von Eckardt
Henry Ferreira
Claudia Ford
Aaron Forrest
Megan Foster
Kai Franz
David Frazer
LIndsay French
Mary Anne Friel
James Goggin
Alexander Gourlay
Arthur Hash
Elizabeth Dean Hermann
Leslie Hirst
Lucinda Hitchcock
Dennis Hlynsky
Peter Hocking
Ellie Hollinshead
Martie Holmer
Ken Takashi Horii
Holly Hughes
Kate Irvin
Bethany Johns
Mary Kawenski
Alexia Kosmider
Amy Kravitz
Carol Lasch
Daniel Lefcourt
Fred Lynch
Leora Maltz-Leca
Tim Maly
Melissa Marcotte
Andrew Martinez
Suzanne Mathew
Cornelia McSheehy
Nicole M. Merola
Thomas Lyon Mills
Lucia Monge
Todd Moore
Lisa Z. Morgan
Beth Mosher
Ijlal Muzaffar
Bill Newkirk
Peter O'Neill
Thomas Ockerse
Norm Paris
Ellen Petraits
Amy Pickworth
Mark Pompelia
David Lord Porter
Alexandra Poterack
Jennifer Prewitt-Freilino
Jocelyne Prince
Jeremy Radtke
Lisi Raskin
Claudia B. Rebola
Pascale Rihouet
Heather Rowe
Yuriko Saito
Karen L. Schiff
Katy Schimert
Barbara Seidenath
Mark Sherman
Paul Soulellis
Jane South
Christopher Specce
Lucy Spelman
Paul A. Sproll
Tracy Steepy
Peter Tagiuri
John Terry
Brian Ulrich
Clement Valla
Timothy Veske-McMahon
Emily Vogler
Susan L. Ward
Franz Werner
Damian White
Elizabeth Williams
Lothar Windels
Peter Yeadon
Deborah Zlotsky
Kevin Zucker
Janet Zweig

RISD Faculty Values Statement



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