By Hand | Women & Books

In 1900 Charles Meunier, a French bookbinder, cast a pewter and bronze plaquette of an anonymous woman at a bookbinding sewing frame.  In the 1960s Warja Lavater started making wordless accordion books filled with symbols that would later be described as artists' books.  This exhibit explores women's roles in bookmaking at the turn of the 20th century from papermaking to book cover design to women as book artists' at the turn of the 21st century.  

A to Z: Marvels in Paper Engineering

A to Z: Marvels in Paper Engineering

This Book is a Planetarium

This Book is a Planetarium

Bugs and Wings and Other Things

Art and Handicraft in the Woman's Building of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893

A Child's Book of Old Verses

Mummy's Bedtime Story Book

Carl's Visit to the Child Island

Country Pets

L'Enfant Des Quatre Éléments Scénes Variées | L'Eau


Kate Greenaway's Alphabet

Life of General Tom Thumb

The Little Warbler: Vol II English and Irish Songs

People of All Nations, A Useful Toy, For Girl or Boy

Spiegel Das Kätzchen. Ein Maerchen. Feldpostausgabe.